In Luxembourg, the energy efficiency of buildings is governed by a grand-ducal regulation. This regulation applies to residential buildings since 30.11.2007. On 31.08.2010, an amendment to this regulation also came into force for commercial buildings. It regulates the calculation of energy efficiency, defines the minimum requirements for energy efficiency and certifies them by means of an energy certificate. The official name of the Luxembourg energy certificate is energy pass.

The energy performance certificate is a quality label for the energy efficiency of residential buildings. It allows tenants and buyers to compare the energy consumption of different properties at a glance when looking for a flat or a house.

In Luxembourg, the energy passport is mandatory and must be attached to any building application:

  • new building
  • extensions and alterations
  • energy efficiency calculation, as proof of compliance with the requirements in case of substantial transformation and change of owner or tenant.

Some exceptions are exempted from the Grand Ducal regulation and therefore also from the obligation of the energy passport. The prerequisite is a justified application and complete documentation (listed buildings, buildings of public interest, buildings built only temporarily, etc.).